Shift Administrator

Company Name:
Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Position Type:
Application Deadline: 05-29-2015
The Shift Administrator performs various care and security activities in connection with young people in the custody of the Department of Youth Services. She or he observes conduct and behavior of juveniles assigned to the facility; maintains liaison with staff members, law enforcement agencies, professional specialist and others. They serve as a part of a team to provide guidance and direction to Group Worker I's and Group Worker II's and supervise the operations of assigned shifts.
Ensures proper security, control and supervision of shift.
Supervises up to six (6) direct-report staff.
Ensures all unit policies, rules and regulations are followed.
Offers advice, guidance and attention to youth who struggle with emotional and behavioral issues.
Must be able to perform the physical requirement of the job (i.e. Ability to properly restrain or subdue juvenile offenders through appropriate use of handcuffs or other restraint techniques) if necessary.
Direct activities of staff and residents, plan activities, and coordinates resources.
Must be retrained in crisis intervention and recertified in CPR (every year).
Attend meetings and training as required.
Takes initiative to create or improve current systems and procedures to help create an efficient workplace.
Acts as a liaison for communication of any concerns or problems from direct-reports up through chain of command.

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